New Scimarec Ceramic Technology Poised to Produce High-Quality Ceramics

July 16th, 2013 - Posted by Admin

Scimarec Ceramic Technology is a start-up manufacturing company located in Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE that is dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of high-quality ceramics for industrial and technical applications. More than three-quarters of the products produced by Scimarec Ceramic Technology are for use in secondary and primary metal manufacturing sectors.

Primary metal manufacturers create large blocks or bars of metal from extracted ores. Secondary metal producers smelt, refine and blend metals they recover from recycled metal or from primary metals discarded during the production or fabrication processes. Scimarec Ceramic Technology has developed technology that allows it to be competitive in pricing such manufactured products as crucibles, nozzles, catalyst products, rods, diffusers, tubes and ferrules in the sizes and variety of materials customers need for particular applications.

Scimarec Ceramic Technology chose to take a deliberate and reasoned approach to its entry into the technical and industrial ceramic products marketplace. This allowed the company’s management team to create a market strategy that identified the current needs of potential customers. From this information, the company created a line of products it could design and manufacture to meet industry needs.

At the same time, Scimarec Ceramic Technology engineers and designers worked to develop technologies that allow it to offer customers products that are custom-designed, engineered and manufactured to meet customer specifications or to satisfy special or unique customer requirements. If necessary, Scimarec engineers and designers can work with a customer’s technical staff to create prototypes customized to the exact use or specifications required by the customer.

Scimarec Ceramic Technology Offers Custom-Design Applications

July 28th, 2013 - Posted by Admin

Scimarec Ceramic Technology specializes in creating custom solutions specifically designed to meet a customer’s needs. Most ceramic applications can be met from the company’s large selection of high-quality, manufactured ceramic products, but when the need arises, designers and engineers are available to create a product that meets the design and material specifications of the customer.

Scimarec’s engineer and design team begin by reviewing the application needs of the customer before proceeding to the design and production of a working prototype. Once the customer confirms that the prototype fulfills its requirements, production of a high-quality, cost-effective ceramic solution can be completed.

Scimarec Ceramic Technology Offers Materials to Suit Customers Needs

July 25th, 2013 - Posted by Admin

The types of materials Scimarec Ceramic Technology uses to manufacture its products include alumina, mullite, zirconia and sialon, depending upon the customer’s requirements. Alumina is a chemical resistant hard metal capable of withstanding high temperatures in extreme conditions. Mullite is an oxide that retains its strength at high temperatures and offers maximum resistance to thermal shock. Zirconia has excellent corrosion resistance at temperatures exceeding the melting point of alumina. Sialon contains aluminum and oxygen in a solid solution to give it the strength, hardness and thermal shock resistance of silicon nitrate and the corrosion resistance of alumina.

Containment and Flow Control Solutions from Scimarec Ceramic Technology

July 22nd, 2013 - Posted by Admin

Scimarec Ceramic Technology develops, designs and manufactures alumina, silica and silicon carbide containment and flow control and cleaning solutions for companies working with nonferrous alloys such as aluminum, copper and brass. Other products offer high alumina refractory solutions during the containment, filtration and control of specialty nonferrous alloys.

Companies requiring containment, control and filtration when working with steel and iron will find the solution in ceramic products manufactured by Scimarec specifically for those types of metals. These are available as either a stock item or customized to the design specifications of the customer.